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Like so many other projects, Lumenina's project started with a dream.


Back in 2014, after visiting a specific stand in a trade show, we were completely taken by a brand new concept. The company 'Candle In' was offering a selection of 100% handmade cubes, made of paraffin and with images on, from photographs, to art images, logos, quotes... It was immediate  the perception of how extensively versatile this product was. Endless possibilities and purposes.


The main use was as a tea light holder but it could also be used as a shade on a table lamp base.

The paraffin, commonly known as wax, produces a magical translucency going through the images applied on the cubes.


Candle In had a winner. In their own words....


'... besides decorating, these luminaries also light your environment with the charm of candlelight and can be used over and over again, without melting or losing their initial shape. It creates a special radiance to brighten images applied in its structure and ensures a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Inside, there is a center piece (fire retardant base), which makes it the perfect fit for the t-light candle. The light will illuminate the images in a very charming way.
CANDLE IN presents the perfect marriage of Light and Image!'
We had found THE product.
In 2016 we finally reached the stage of being able to plan our own collection. We did it!
Lumenina was officially born on the 6th of November 2016 and our first collection was launched on our Facebook page on the 27th of February 2017.
The plan is to launch more and more collections with local Photographers and Artists giving them an additional platform to promote their creations.
The luminaries will always be our main product but we have on the table some ideas to extend the range with suitable coordinates.
Stay tuned and enjoy!
Thank you for all the support from family and friends.
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