Starting from Liverpool, Lumenina had to pay the tribute to this great City.

An absolute pleasure and honour considering how much this 'illuminated' city has to offer.

Since 1207 Liverpool has been making History its first subject. 'The pool of life' gave life to a very vibrant setting, majorly due to its maritime connections with the world.

Multicultural and multifaceted, Liverpool became the nest of great minds.

Liverpool gave birth to a very unique 'clan', with a particular sense of humour and unique 'welcome' frame of mind. The singing sibilant accent, so gracious for some and encoded for others...

Scousers, i.e. TRUE scousers, are fearless, determined, creative and communicative. Great narrators.

Thank you Liverpool for the inspiration!

We hope to make you proud with 'Grand Liverpool' and 'My Liverpool' as our first two versions displaying images of talented local photographer AL DISLEY.





15cm x 15cm






12cm x 12cm


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